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HSE Department Mission

To fulfill the requirements of the Company’s mission and IMS policy in achieving and maintaining an HSE excellence at all levels of Company’s operations and to support and assist in the implementation and maintenance of Company’s IMS, complying with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, applicable legal and other requirements.

You can find the HSE Certificates here


Our primary environmental goal is to prevent and mitigate all environmental effects arising from the construction activities under our control. We achieve this goal by:

•  Reducing generation of emissions and waste
•  Complying as a minimum with applicable legislation
•  Preventing environmental pollution and incidents
•  Conserving use of natural resources and biodiversity

Archirodon Initiatives:

•  Introduction of indigenous plant species that have a higher survival rate, requiring less water and being more easily established in most of our site established offices, to maintain the ecology and biodiversity of each area and the unique character of the landscape.
•  Implementation of recycling programs for paper, plastic, aluminum cans, printing cartridges, waste lubricants and lead acid batteries.
•  Reduction of water consumption through the use of water efficient fixtures in selected offices.
•  Provision of education and training of employees to increase environmental and sustainability awareness and perception for all our employees.
•  Installation and use of waste treatment systems, to reduce quantity of waste disposed and increase reused treated waste for the same or another purpose.
•  Cooperation with local suppliers in all our projects, to reduce emissions from transportation of materials on site facilities.
•  Introduction of a technical procedure for the recycling of concrete wastewater in our projects.
•  Investing in new technologies for plant and equipment able to improve performance, efficiency and lower generation of emissions.

Striving for excellence in diving operations, the Company has indentified the importance of conducting diving operations in the most safe manner. As a result, the Company is certified by International Bodies like IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) and ADC (Association of Diving Contractors International) to ensure compliance with the highest safety standards.