Why Choose Us

Semarco and Group Archirodon throughout their global operations have developed a multi ethnic environment wherein their people are given the chances to enhance their knowledge to the fullest extent, to develop their skills and expertise to the highest levels, to gain international exposure with a company known for excellence, reliability , innovation and to contribute to sustainable growth.

Our people and careers

Semarco and Group Archirodon consider their people as the main pillar of their existence and their success in the international arena of business. The multi-cultural structure of their people with different backgrounds and from different countries has developed the culture of "open communication", that motivates the people and assist them to utilize their strengths and improve their weaknesses. We recruit people at all levels and ranges of disciplines like Engineering, Project Management, Construction, Health and Safety, Quality, Business Development, Sales, Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Procurement and Information Technology.

Internships & Work Experience

With us you can have the flexibility and excitement of a great career. Our employees relocate or travel internationally and are involved in challenging projects of multi-discipline nature. With us you can expand your horizons and enhance your professional growth.

We seek to offer internship programs to jumpstart your career. We welcome talented students from all fields of engineering and other studies. We aim to unlock your potential and transform theory to practice.

Please send resume to info@semarco.kz