About Us

SemArco is an ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT & CONSTRUCTION contractor and a joint venture between:

SemArco LLP

Archirodon has 55 years of experience and employs 15,000 professionals worldwide.
Archirodon has successfully implemented some of the most challenging projects worldwide, with single contract value reaching one billion USD.
The IMS (Integrated Management System) maintained by Archirodon incorporates a great part of the company's accumulated experience and know how, covers Archirodon’s business needs, complies with the International Standards ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, the Technical Specification ISO/TS 29001 and also meets Clients’ requirements.


SemArco is a local company and owns Category 1 Licenses to perform Engineering, Survey and Construction works, including all possible license subcategories.
SemArco has the capability to mobilize 1000 workers and install rotation camp within 2-3 months, and can mobilize equipment within 2 months.
Semarco has the capability to singlehandedly implement projects worth up to 500 million USD. Semarco can also establish Consortium with its partners and implement projects worth up to 2 billion USD.
Combined EPC capability of SemArco and its shareholders allows SemArco to offer best solutions for its Clients.

SemArco possesses extensive knowledge of local design norms, permitting, and HSE requirements.

SemArco owns a land plot of 5 hectares in Bautino with direct access to sea (shoreline length 115m).