Company Values

Semarco, proud of its excellent record in construction, sees its success as an achievement of its dedicated people who, with loyalty to the company, devotion to their tasks, enthusiasm in discharging responsibilities, concerted team effort and above all, hard work and persistence, have produced the kind of reliability that a client has the right to expect from his contractor.

Our company values are:


  Value to the client

We aim to add value into each client’s project, by working methodically, timely and with adherence to the specifications, building on mutual trust and respect.


  Emphasis to our core business

We place our full emphasis on the core business that we are best at, which makes us confident in being able to deliver superb value.


A good, consistent name in the markets in which we compete, helps us grow further and become respected by both company stakeholders and competitors.


  Creating exemplary shareholder value

We strive to create value for our stakeholders, by means of constant growth of revenues and profitability, through our core activities around the world.


  Hard Work

We have a hard working culture, aiming to prove that we can become better every day, through hard work, team collaboration and motivation of individuals.


  Responsibility and transparency

In everything that we do, we endeavor to be responsible, towards our internal and external environment and to abide by the strictest rules of transparency and good business conduct.