The project included dredging of the approach channel and construction of an island breakwater for the protection of DUSUP LNG Receiving Terminal.

The main items of work comprised:
Dredging of the channel at -6m and -14m including excavation for the breakwater.
Construction of approx. 610m long breakwater at ±6.3 m depth.
Construction of two nos. small craft landings positioned at both sides of the breakwater, together with required marine furniture and installation of navigational aids at both ends of the breakwater. The small craft landings were constructed with precast mass concrete blocks.

Major Quantities:
Dredging : 302,700 m3
General excavation : 74,250 m3
Rocks : 264,130 m3
P.C. Blocks concrete : 1,100 m3
Fenders : 10 nos
Access ladders : 4 nos
Navigation lanterns : 3 nos
Marker buoys : 5 nos

Categories : Marine & Offshore