The project included the construction of DUSUP LNG Receiving Terminal in Jebel Ali Port, containing the connection to onshore grid by 24″ underground pipeline installed by horizontal directional drilling.

The main items of work comprised:
Construction of a Jetty with one Unloading Platform, four breasting dolphins and five Mooring Dolphins. The Island Jetty is built on 102 vertical and raked steel piles. The superstructure is a combination of precast elements and insitu concrete, connected with Walkways and having a small craft landing structure. Cathodic protection was provided for the piles.

Fabrication and Installation of 24 inches high-pressure pipeline in undersea horizontal drilling including all piping from the two unloading arms situated on the 1st Breasting Dolphin, till the tie-in point onshore at a receiving station, as well as procurement and installation for the cathodic protection for the subsea pipeline.
Installation of Loading Arms,
Installation of Gangway Tower,
Mechanical Works for the Jetty Platform and onshore area.
Electrical and Instrumentation works

Major Quantities:
— Concrete works : 5,660 m3
— Reinforcement : 796 ton
— Structural steel works : 162 ton
— Pipeline (24″ dia.) : 1,400 lm

Categories : Industrial , Marine & Offshore