The project included the construction of all infrastructure works containing all services, roads and paving and sea wall for the 12 Km of the Cressent of Palm Jumeirah artificial Island in Dubai.

The main items of work comprised:
11Km asphalt road network (single and double carriageway)
Parking and sidewalks with paving tiles
Storm drainage network (total length: 7.5 km)
Potable water system (total length: 5.6 Km)
Irrigation water system (total length: 8.3 Km)
Chilled water system (total length: 17 Km)
Gas network (total length: 10.5 Km)
Electrical works including substations, cables, ducts and street lighting.

Major Quantities:
Excavation : 25,500 m3
Backfilling : 104,000 m3
Concrete works : 19,700 m3
Reinforcement : 1,980 T
Asphalt works : 71,600 m2
Kerbs : 43,500 m
Paving blocks : 19,000 m2
HDPE pipe in any dia. : 5,500 m
GRP pipe in any dia. : 8,500 m
Valves and fittings : 870Nr.
Street lighting cables : 19,500 m
uPVC Pipe in any dia. : 17,900 m
PE Pipe in any dia. : 10,600 m
Chilled water pipe in any dia. : 19,000 m

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