The EPC project included the construction of a steel jetty consisting of trestle, berths, mooring and breasting dolphins, jackets, etc. all supported on piling and together with jetty fittings i.e., fenders, quick release hooks and navigational aids. Also the construction of footbridge and road links to the existing jetty. Dredging of area of two berths and disposal of dredged material. Installation of seawater intake pipeline, offshore intake structure and chlorination pipes. Pipes were layed in dredged trench on gravel bedding and backfilled with suitable material.

The main items of work comprised:
Dredging : 676,770 m3
Piling — (tubular steel piles 1,067mm dia.) : 4,200 lm (196 nos.)
(jacketed piles 1,067mm dia.) : 2,660 lm (152 nos.)
Intake Pipelines (GRP pipes 3,200mm dia.): 1,730 lm

Categories : Industrial , Marine & Offshore