The project included the Design and Construction of Marine Structures, Dredging and Reclamation at Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone including design, procurement and construction of breakwaters, revetments, quay walls, dredging and reclamation of Phase 1A development of the greenfield offshore Khalifa Port. The scope of work involves the development of Phase 1A of the Port which is anticipated to have an annual throughput of 2 million TEU’s and over 6 million tonnes of general cargo through the creation of a 260 hectare marine platform. The island platform is made from reclaimed seabed material that is dredged to create the harbor basin, 16m deep and the 16.5 meter deep and 12 km long approach channel. The outer perimeter of the port island is protected by rock revetments and breakwaters. An Environmental Breakwater is constructed to protect the marine environmentally sensitive areas. The island platform is accessed from the shore by a 3.2km causeway and a 1km long highway bridge. Also included construction of 1km long utility bridge. In addition, the contract also included the construction of a 3.5 km causeway/trestle and an 800 m long berth for the use of Emirates Aluminum (EMAL).

The main items of work comprised:
Main Bridge : 1,000m
Utility Bridge : 1,000m
EMAL/Contractor’s Temporary Quay wall: 292m at -4m
EMAL quay wall: 800m
EMAL trestle: 1,836m
EMAL causeway: 1,800m
Cooling water intake channel: 1,400m
South Causeway: 2,000m
Environmental breakwater: 6,750m
Wave attenuation breakwater: 1,570m
Revetments: 17,000m

For quay wall and bridges:
Concrete: 350,000 m³
Reinforcement: 10,500 tons
Rocks: 800,000 tons

For breakwater and revetments
Landfill: 5,000,000 m³
Rocks: 7,000,000 tons