The project included designing, fabrication, furnishing, delivery to the site, unloading, storage and construction of the offshore cooling water facilities and all services associated with these facilities for Sidi Krir Combined Cycle Power Plant.

The main items of work comprised:
Perform offshore subsurface soil investigation, Bathymetric Survey.
One (1) offshore cooling water intake structure including the chlorine diffuser.
Offshore cooling water discharge structure.
Construction of one (1) GRP intake pipeline from the offshore intake structure to onshore Circulating Water Pump house.
Construction of one (1) GRP discharge pipeline from the offshore discharge structure to the onshore seal well discharge structure interface location.
Warning signs for navigational traffic and associated appurtenances at the offshore intake structure and offshore discharge structure.
Sodium Hypochlorite piping system including anchoring and supports from the offshore intake structure to the onshore circulating water pump house.
Construction of the crossing under summed oil pipelines at intersection location with offshore intake / discharge pipes.
Riprap erosion protection for offshore intake and discharge piping, offshore intake structures, and offshore discharge structure.
Cathodic protection for underground pipes.

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