The project includes the design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of a seawater cooling pipeline network.

The main items of work comprise:
Supply and return seawater cooling pipelines to and from Yanbu Industrial City II together with a spare supply / return pipeline. These pipelines (3 nos.) will each be approximate 5 Km in length and of equal diameter and to be laid in a common trench and will run in the Royal Commission Corridor. The mechanical works consist of valves including isolation (butterfly) valves, air valves and pressure reducing valves.

Electrical works:
Actuators for operation of butterfly valves greater than 600mm diameter together with local cabinet for electrical isolation and connection point for a mobile electrical generator.
Earthing for valves / actuators.
Cathodic protection will be provided for underground and submerged metallic structures.

Major Quantities:
Excavation: 644,105 m3
Structural backfill: 411,763 m3
Backfill around pipes: 126,021 m3
Filter Fabric: 214,632 m2
Concrete (all grades): 34,218 m3
FRP Pipe (dia. 2.8m): 8,964 lm
FRP Pipe (dia. 1.5m): 3,168 lm
FRP Pipe (dia. 1.0m): 1,008 lm
Structural Steel: 63 T
Asphalting: 2,462 m2

Categories : Industrial , Infrastructure