The project includes Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the civil, mechanical and electrical works for the seawater intake facility and associated pumping station, access tunnel, seawater discharge channel and outfall, control building, electrical building, chlorination plant and pump house, workshop and associated utilities, roads and fencing works.

The main items of work comprise:
Dredging: 1,750,000 CUM
Excavation: 83,000 CUM
Rockworks: 152,951 CUM
Reinf.concrete works: 47,000 CUM
Steel structural: 442 ton
GRP pipes (3600/3200/2700&2300dia): 2,345 m
Cladding: 7,000 sqm
Combiwall: 5,280 sqm
Roads: 34,000 sqm
Reinforcement: 8,854 ton

Categories : Industrial , Marine & Offshore