The project includes civil and building works in the power area.

The main items of work comprise:
A. Package 3
Civil and building works for power block area I including: GTC foundations,
TR foundations, piperack and sleeper foundations, local control and electrical building and air compressor building.

B. Package 7
Civil and building works including HVAC, fire fighting works for BOP area II including:
— HRSG Foundations and HRSG electrical building
— Emergency diesel generator building
— Crude oil plant building
— Central control building
— R.O. desalination building
— Fuel oil storage tanks
— Distillate storage tanks
— Fire water pump house
— Fire water tanks

Major Quantities:
Excavation : 64,385 m3
Backfilling : 230,740 m3
Concrete : 31,500 m3
Structural steel: 150 ton
Reinforcement: 1,360 ton

Categories : Industrial