The project includes EPC offshore works comprising 8x4m dia. X 3Km long GRP Discharge pipes with end diffusers, an intake channel comprising of a dredged channel and 2 rock breakwaters 1.4 km long, a seawater intake pumphouse 105m x 75m and the discharge chamber to the pipes (40x20m). EPC for offshore consisting of the ground improvement and backfill across the site of RO and MSF plants. The civil and building works include construction of RO building, RO switchgear building, waste water treatment, chemical dosing building, dissolve air floatation and 2 nos. dual media filters.

The main items of work comprise:
Offshore works:
Rockworks: 515,851 cum
GRP pipes installation: 24,000 m
Dredging: 1,575,791 cum
Backfilling: 813,572 cum
Reinf. Concrete works: 46,683 cum
Sheetpiles: 8,271 sqm
Reinforcement: 6,151

Onshore works:
Earthworks: 432,000 cum
Soil Improvement: 306,590 cum
Reinf. Concrete works: 88,612 cum
Structural steel: 28,000t

Categories : Industrial , Marine & Offshore