The project includes the doubling of the Main Line of Dammam/Riyadh rail road line in four sections. The Section 1 is from Hofuf to Siding 5 and other three sections are from Siding 9 to Riyadh on Main Line No. 1.

The main items of work comprise:
Track laying for approximately 150 Km. The detail is as follows:
Renewal of old tracks: 16,063 Km
Doubling of Existing Track: 126,094 Km
Construction of new sidings: 8,814 Km

Construction of Embankment for approximately 160 Km.
Laying of new turnouts as follows:
Turnout 1/12 : 38 Nos.
Turnout 1/18.5 : 22 Nos

Extension of Box Culverts : 211 Nos.
Renewal and doubling work will be with UIC 60 (Grade 350 HT), Vossloh Fastenings, pre-stressed concrete sleepers 2.6 m long.

Design criteria 25 ton axle load at 250 km/h and axle load of 32.5 ton at 120 km/h)

Main quantities:
Removal of existing siding: 14,866 LM
Excavation: 845,048 cum
Backfilling: 1,418,556 cum
Track foundation: 970,639cum
Sleepers: 251,668 slprs

Categories : Infrastructure