The project included construction of six New Service Berths and covering the provision diesel, potable water, firewater, electrical utilities, instrumentation and telecommunication works, as well as 16000m2 of block paving, design & construction of 170m long berth access road and 250m long onshore utilities trench, 1950m long shore protection and dredging of pockets for quay wall foundations.

The main items of work comprised:
10.5m high blockwork quay wall to allow for mooring of vessels up to 2700DWT. The quay wall shall include all quay furniture including fenders, bollards, ladders etc.
Block pavement and asphalt pavement.
Onshore utility trenches.
Slope protection & reclamation.
Deisel and potable water pipe supports.
Drainage system with separate networks for both storm and oily water including soakaway and oil/water separator.
Firewater chambers.

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