The project included the Procurement and Construction of the Marine and Civil Works for LNG Berth 5, as part of Qatar Gas II Development Project.

The main items of work comprised:
Berth abutment (causeway connecting to Berth 5 platform with the existing breakwater)
Loading Platform
Four Breasting dolphins equipped with fenders and quick release hooks (double) with capstan.
Eight Mooring dolphins equipped with quick release hooks (quadruple) and capstan.
Catwalks connecting all dolphins with the platform.
One catwalk connecting the eastern mooring dolphin with the breakwater
Berth 5 Marine Flare Support Structure

Major Quantities:
Rocks : 119,000m3
Precast Concrete Cubes (2 — 5m3) : 5,200 nos.
Piles (1067, 1219 & 1320mm dia.) : 147 nos
Concrete : 8,700m3
Reinforcement : 1,500 T
Stainless steel rebars : 190 T
Installation of catwalks : 13 Nos.

Categories : Industrial , Marine & Offshore