The project included engineering, procurement, installation, construction and commissioning of a fully operational treatment plant. The plant is fully automated controlled from control room through Honeywell DCS control system, has also a Chemical Lab fully equipped and the quality of the Water is automatically monitored.

The main items of work comprised:
Intake and seawater pump and chlorination system. New sub-sea pipeline for seawater intake consists of HDPE pipes 500 l.m.
Pre-treatment system including chemical dosing and cleaning system.
Seawater Reverse Osmosis desalination system including intermediate tanks and chemical dosing.
Subsea outfall pipe for the disposal of waste brine consists of HDPE pipes 350 l.m.
Post Treatment (Remineralization)
Product Distribution: Two new product storage tanks, transferring pumping station and interconnection pipe to the existing potable water tanks, interconnection pipe to TEPQ and to new control camp.
Auxiliary systems and all the associated electrical, instrumentation and loss prevention.
The provision of all necessary safety equipment.
Civil works intake pump house building, Potable water Tank Compound and New Desalination Plant Building

Main quantities:
Excavation: 21,654 m3
Concrete: 3,483 m3
Reinforcement: 1,665 ton
Various Dia GRE Piping: 2,180 m
Various Dia HDPE Piping: 450 m
Various ABS piping: 1,500 m
Various Dia Valves: 645 m
Cables: 149 km
Tanks (various sizes): 16 Nos
Pumps (various capacities): 39 sets

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