Starting with the extension of the breakwater and protective walls of the 10km causeway in 1969, we were entrusted by the Saudi Ports Authority with the task of developing and building the most important port facilities in the Gulf.

In 1972, we were awarded the construction of 9 deep-water berths, related warehouses and transit sheds, a complex of administrative buildings, small craft harbors, roads, water supply, sewerage and other port facilities. All berths were delivered seven months ahead of schedule.

Contracts for the construction of the East Port of Dammam followed, including 10 additional deep-water berths.

The expansion of the port continued with the construction of the U.S. $ I-billion West Port, in joint venture with Philipp Holzmann AG and Interbeton BV. During 1985 we completed construction of the floating ship repair yard with a lifting capacity of 22,000 t, which is capable of accommodating vessels up to 80;000 DWT.

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