The project included the design, furnishing, construction and operations of a marine terminal for the loading of petroleum products and coke.

The main items of work comprised:
Dredging and rock filling of foundation for the project jetty
Construction of jetty structure complete with selected granular backfill, core fill and compacted earth fill together with complete concrete structure and necessary equipment and controls.
Piling works to support the jetty structure.
Installation of two nos. mooring buoys
Tank Farm consisting of: One 6,000 m3 fixed roof kerosene, one 6,000 m3 floating-roof gasoline tank, three 2,000 m3 fixed-roof tanks for untreated ballast water and two fixed-roof tanks 800 m3 and 300 m3 for storage or recovered oil and diesel respectively.
Site preparation, service roads, equipment foundations, building foundations, culverts and pipeline installation
Containment dikes around onshore tanks
Receiving, unloading and erection of traveling shiploader for petroleum coke
Erection of bulk conveyor system for petroleum coke
Product transfer pumping stations and oily water separation plant together with all associated piping, valves and fittings, etc.

Categories : Marine & Offshore