The project included the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the Marine Loading Facilty and the Seawater Intake and Outfall pipelines for the Oman Fertilizer Project at Sur, Sultanate of Oman.

The main items of work comprised:
200m approach embankment.
900m approach trestle concrete deck supported by steel piles.
150m end loading platform concrete deck supported by steel piles and 1 no dolphins.
Fenders, bollard, cathodic protection, boat landing and mooring hooks.
Installation of ship loader rails and erection of ship loader.
Installation of 2no. 2.9m dia. 1,000m long RTRP intake submarine pipelines and corresponding intake head.
Installation of 1no. 2.8m dia. 1000m long RTRP outfall submarine pipeline complete with 12 nos diffusers over a length of 110m.

Major Quantities:
Pipe Laying (1600, 2400, 2800 & 2900 mm dia) : 2,750m
Reinforcement : 1,160T
Piles (1016 mm dia) : 2,190m
Piles (1220 mm dia) : 1,511m
Concrete : 9,800m3
Safety Vehicle Barrier : 1,760 LM
Steel Structure : 1,745T
Ship Loader Rails : 600m

Categories : Marine & Offshore