The project included the construction of the new breakwater, the Container Berths 5 & 6 with the corresponding Container Yard and associated buildings and services and the dredging of the new approach channel and port turning basin.

The main items of work comprised:
A. Construction of Breakwater, Dredging and Reclamation:
— Dredging of the harbour basin and turning circle to -18 m CD level and the approach channel and entrance to -18.5 m CD.
— Construction of the new breakwater (about 2850 m long) – comprising rock core, rock armour, accropodes and concrete crest wall.
— Dismantling a portion of the existing breakwater. iv) Construction of bund between the new and the existing breakwater and reclaiming the enclosed area with dredged material/quarry run.
B. Construction of Container Berths and Associated Works:
— Civil works for construction of a 969 m long new quay structure for Container terminal (Berths 5&6) in Salalah Port, in continuation of the existing Container Berths Nos 1 to 4.
— Development of 345 m wide additional container yard on the upland areas of Berths Nos 5 & 6 including construction of supporting structures / systems for containers and yard equipment, roads, pavements, electro-mechanical services and communication.
— Miscellaneous marine works, provision of marine furniture. iv) Utility buildings and services

Major Quantities:
Dredging Harbor: 4,100,000 m3
Reclamation: 7,150,000 m3
Demolition of existing Breakwaters: 70,500 m3
Rocks: 5,750,000 m3
Accropodes (Size 12m3): 14,950 Nos.
Concrete Blocks: 5,700 Nos.
Piling Works (122 piles): 3,300 LM
RC Buildings: 6,000 m2
Concrete: 86,650 m3
CBM 1 (150 mm thick) CBM 4 (275 to 475 mm): 670,000 m2
Inter-Lock Tiling: 327,000 m2
Steel Structure Buildings (615 Tons): 3,300 m2
1 1Kv Cable Installation: 12,000 LM
LV Cable Installation: 42,000 LM
Electric Duct Banks: 68,600 LM
Potable Water & Sewage Networks: 7,500 LM
Drainage Network (HDPE: 2,570 LM
Concrete Wave Wall: 67,000 m3

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