The EPC contract includes the extension and rehabilitation of infrastructures.

The main items of work comprise:
Dredging and excavation of basin, turning circle and access channel
Rehabilitation of existing quays and dolphins
Construction of new quays with caissons and diaphragm walls
Construction of new dolphins with caissons
Rehabilitation of berths, access bridge and catwalks
Installation of quay fittings such as crane rails, bollards, fenders, ladders, etc.
Installation of various utility networks such as water, storm water, sewerage, electricity, etc.
Paving of existing and new quay decks with reinforced concrete slabs.

Major Quantities:
Dredging: 2,344,500 m3
Concrete: 271,100 m3
Reinforcement: 25,500 tons
Rock revetment: 40,675 m3
Concrete pavements: 150,280 m2
Bollards: 167 nos.
Fenders: 192 nos.
Extension of existing quay wall: 405 m
New quay wall: 1,390 m

Categories : Marine & Offshore