The EPC contract includes onshore, offshore and testing and insepction works in Jorf Lasfar for gypsum and seawater return.

The main items of work comprise:

Onshore Part
Installation of four (4) pipelines (HDPE, 1800mm OD) buried in trench, extending from the Header Tank up to the low water line. Only three lines are intended for immediate use (Phase I) while the fourth line will be reserved for future operation (Phase III)
Connection to the On-Shore Contract Works at the four (three for Phase I and one for the future Phase) flanged stub ends exiting the Header Tank

Offshore Part
Dredging and Backfilling of the pipe trenches
Outfall pipes installed partially in dredged trench and partially on the seabed between the low water line and the off-shore discharge area approximately 3km off shore. The Concept design is based on four 1800mm outer diameter HDPE pipes with SDR 26 to be installed as outfalls. The three pipelines (1.820m, 2.195m and 2.570m long inclusive of the 375m long diffuser section) will be placed in their full length while the fourth pipeline (150m) will only be connected to the Header Tank for future extension. In the 375m diffuser section of each pipeline the diameter is reduced from 1800mm OD to 1600mm /1400mm /1200mm /710mm.
Ballast weights shall be positioned and fitted along each pipeline for sinking and stability purposes
Placing of concrete mattresses for protection
Ancillary works include necessary venting of the pipes, flow monitoring and navigation aids.

Testing and Inspection:
Pressure testing during construction and performance testing once completed.
Performance testing will comprise flow and pressure measurement under operational conditions and comparison to design values.
Internal inspection of the outfall pipelines will be made after 6 and 12 months of operation to test for any deposition or accumulation of slurry within the outfalls.

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