The project includes the reconstruction, completion and maintenance of 4,700m long North-West Rubble Breakwater and the reconstruction and extension of main harbour road.

The main items of work comprise:
Construction of a rubble-mound-extend berm in front of the existing breakwater, including the roundhead together with the associated armoring, consisting of rock and pre-cast concrete cubes.
Construction of a new primary armor layer of Acropode units together with the associated secondary armoring of rock on the slope.
Construction of an open canal filled with rock behind the existing parapet structure.
Reconstruction and strengthening of the parapet structure.
Reconstruction and extension of the main road and services behind the breakwater.
Construction of the planned sewerage outfall through the breakwater.

Major quantities:
Concrete : 360,000 m3
Reinforcement : 7,000 mt
Sheet piles : 16,000 m2
Rocks : 630,000 m3
Precast concrete armour units : 15,692 nos.
Precast concrete Accropode units: 16,592 nos.
Asphalt : 10,479 m2

Categories : Marine & Offshore