The project includes Engineering, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of cofferdam, dewatering and shoring for the construction of pumping structure in dry, Earthworks such as excavation, disposal and backfilling, Construction of bottom slab, internal and outer walls, top slab and other concrete structures, Dismantle of dewatering and shoring facilities, Foundations for overhead cranes, Supply and installation of steel access platform and Removal of cofferdam.

The main items of work comprise:
Structural excavation : 270,700 m3
Structural backfilling : 211,324 m3
Sand filling : 14,070 m3
Concrete works : 54,588 m3
Epoxy coated rebar : 10,770 ton
Cast in situ piles (600mm dia) : 114 nos.
Sheet piles for cofferdam : 4,430 ton (16,260 m2)
Deep well pump for dewatering : 135 nos.

Categories : Industrial