The project includes onshore civil and building works for Package #1 includes Power block No. 1 and No. 2 including BOP area, and for Package #3 includes Administration building area.
1) The scope of civil works involves foundations, structures, cable trench, duct bank, pipe laying, drainage and sewage works.
2) The scope of building works involves earthworks, reinforced concrete works, masonry works, painting, water proofing, tiles and flooring, doors and windows and miscellaneous metal works.

The main items of work comprise:
Excavation : 431,430 m3
Backfilling : 146,230 m3
Concrete works : 207,660 m3
Rebar : 21,760 ton
Structural steel : 620 ton
uPVC pipes, dia. 150mm — 500mm : 9,580 lm
GRP pipes, dia. 600mm — 1400mm : 4,250 lm

Categories : Industrial