The project included dredging, construction of breakwater and construction of marine jetty for the Egyptian LNG project

The main items of work comprised:
Design and dredging of 4 km long channel to a depth of -14m CD.
Dredging of a turning basin to a depth of -13.5m CD.
Disposal of dredged material and maintenance dredging for the turning basin and channel.
Pre and post dredge survey and dredging of soft clay material below the breakwater and substitution and compaction with suitable material and disposal of dredged material
Design and construction of 800 m long breakwater with rocky materials and precast armour units.
Construction of a marine jetty 2500 m long on tubular steel piles to handle lng carriers ranging from 70,000 m3 to 140,000 m3 comprising of onshore approach ramp and roadway, trestle piles, precast concrete pile cap beams and steel girders modules containing pipe rack and roadway, loading platform, a marine operation platform, 4 breasting dolphins, 5 mooring dolphins and 13 tug landings.
Electro-mechanical works involve installation of process pipings, loading arms, cable trays, wharf fittings, cathodic protection and berthing aid system.

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