The project included construction of infrastructure for a modern container terminal of 80 ha, fully equipped to handle up to 4 million TEU per annum.

The main items of work comprised:
Excavation, leveling and consolidation of existing ground and construction of pavement for container storage.
Construction of railway container station with two tracks of approx. 1200m length.
Construction of a 4-storey administration building (4,800 m2), a workshop building (4,500 m2) and a 2-storey amenity building (1,000 m2).
Installation of 60m high lighting poles, electric and IT cable conduits and construction of draw pits.
Construction of electric substation and provision of electric power supply system.
Rain water drainage system, fresh water and fire fighting networks and facilities for sewage collection and disposal.
Installation of reefer racks.

Main Quantities
Earthworks: 750,000 CUM
Pavem: 669,500 sqm
Concrete: 16,500 CUM
Rebar: 1,550 ton
Geogrid: 1,302,476 sqm
Sub-base Aggregate: 393,994 CUM

Categories : Marine & Offshore