The project included Construction of the New Container Terminal Quay Wall which was made up of a single Diaphragm Wall system as the main structural members on the seaside and a rear Diaphragm Wall under the rear crane beam connected by a concrete slab. The concrete slab was supported on bored piles and the soil was removed from between the Diaphragm Wall down to -4.0 plus pre-stressed round anchors in the upper sand layers.

The main items of work comprised:
Front wall: A Diaphragm Wall 1.0m thick with tip level of -35 CD
Rear wall: A Diaphragm Wall 0.8m thick with tip level of -35 CD
Supporting piles: Bored piles of diameter 1.0 m and with tip level of -35 CD (ending in the lower sand layer). The Piles will be arranged each 5.0m x 5.0m in both directions.
Concrete slab:Flat slab supported on the rear and front Diaphragm Wall as well as the bored piles.
Excavation level between the two Diaphragm Walls proposed to reduce the earth pressure of the Quay: 4.0 CD.

Major Quantities are:
— Concrete :360,000 m3
— R.C. Diaphragm Walls :178,320 m2
— Reinforcing Steel : 47,000 mt
— Bored Piles (1m dia.x 35 m long) : 2,243 l.m
— Micropiles : 30,634 l.m

Categories : Marine & Offshore