The project includes design, furnishing, installation and construction of Civil, Architectural, Electrical and Mechanical works for Banha 750 MW Combined Cycle Project. The project consists of one combined cycle module configured as 2 x 250 MW Combustion Turbine Generator, two Heat Recovery Steam Generators and one 250 MW Steam Turbine Generator.

The main items of work comprise:

1. Site Preparation
2. Piling Works
3. Concrete Works
4. Structural Steel Works
5. Architectural and Electromechanical works for buildings:
— Combustion Turbine Building
— Steam Turbine Building
— Control / Electrical Building
— Circulating Water pump house
— Circulating Water Electrical Building
— Circulating Water Intake and Discharge Structures
— Administration Building
— Warehouse / Workshop Building
— Fire Station, Security Offices and Toilet Facilities
— Underground Piping

7. Underground Electrical Duct Banks
8. Circulating Water Pipes
9. Landscaping and irrigation systems
10. Roads, finish grading and drainage, etc.

Major Quantities are:
Concrete works: 60,000 m3
Structural steel: 3,510 tons
Reinforcing steel: 6,250 tons
Production piles: 17,000 lm (800mm dia.)
R.C. pipes: 1,150 lm (800mm 2,500mm dia.)

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