The project included the procurement and construction of the major works.

The main items of work comprised:
Reclamation of new quay area of 860,000 sq. m. from -1.2m to +5m by obtaining the dredged material from dredging the access channel adjacent to the site.
Deepening of berths 31 to 33 to depth from -5 m to -14.3 m.
Rock fill revetment with rock armoured external slopes to contain the reclamation filling.
Infrastructure and utilities on the new Quay including perimeter asphalt road, service roads, pipeline sleepers, steel pipe bridge foundations and structures, area lighting, fire water and potable water systems etc.
Dredging of the Fanateer Marina, reclamation of the adjacent land and the shore line protection of the marina 2250 m long.

Categories : Marine & Offshore