The project included procurement and construction of Berth 37 on west side of the petrochemical quay no. 1 to handle seagoing chemical tankers ranging from 3,000 d.
The berths consists of a concrete main deck supported on tubular steel piles and have an open cellar deck below the main deck, made of protected steel grating.
The main structures of the berth included a loading platform, 6 nos. breasting dolphins, 4 nos. mooring dolphins, an access trestle, 6 nos. catwalks and perimeter road including culverts and retaining walls. Other services and facilities included fire fighting and potable water systems, HVAC system, cathodic protection system, electrical works, cabling, lighting and telecommunication system. Total quantity of piling works: 1536 mt.wt to 80,000 dwt.

The main items of work comprised:
Concrete: 2,900 m3
Rebar reinf.: 517 mt.
Struct. Steel: 602 mt.

Categories : Industrial , Marine & Offshore