The project included procurement and construction of new berths 34 and 35 on the east side of new petrochemical quay no. 2, to handle sea going petrochemical tankers from 3,000 to 80,000 dwt. Each berth consistsed of a reinforced concrete loading platform and approach roadway, a low level steel pipe rack, and berthing and breasting dolphins interconnected by tubular steel catwalks, all supported by driven tubular steel piles with cathodic protection.
The loading platform was designed for future construction by others of a hose tower and / or marine loading arms, together with all associated piping, drain tanks and equipment for product handling. Appropriate fixtures and apertures are cast into the main deck for supporting these items in the future.
The berth was complemented by a flexible mooring and fendering system consisting of five breasting dolphins and four mooring dolphins fitted with fenders and quick release hooks.

The main items of work comprised:
One (1) loading platform with deck drainage system
One (1) approach roadway: abutment bearings one (1) low level pipe rack from shoreline continuing under deck to apertures for product pipe risers; onshore bearing Plinths
Five (5) breasting dolphins with fenders, four of these are equipped with quick release hooks.
Four (4) mooring dolphins with quick release hooks.
Four (4) catwalks interconnecting mooring dolphins and outer breasting dolphins
Two (2) walkways from loading platform to breasting dolphins, associated handrails for all berth elements etc.

Quantities: (For 2 berths)
Reinforced steel:640m.t
Structural steel:650m.t
Stainless steel:36m.t
Tubular steel piles (dia 914mm to 1650mm, w.t. 16mm):5896l.m.

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