The project includes the construction of General Cargo Berth 340m length with 12m depth. In addition to this the project will include utilities to support its operation.

The scope of work includes the following:
— Construction of RC Diaphragm walls (front, middle and rear)
— Piling works for the connection between the main new quay wall and existing quay 8 and 9
— Concrete works for quay wall and diaphragm walls
— Fendering and mooring systems
— Dredging works in front of new quay wall and disposal of dredged material to offshore area.
— Apron pavement with precast concrete slabs.
— Construction of Electrical Room, including MV system, Lighting and Fire fighting works.

The main items of work comprise:
Excavation : 16,400 m3
Concrete for quay wall and platform beams : 24,500 m3
Dredging : 80,000 m3
Precast concrete pavement : 5,800 m2
Asphalt pavement : 14,000 m2
Steel Tubular piles (700mm dia.) : 972 lm

Categories : Marine & Offshore