Saudi Arabia — Thuwal: KAUST Harbour Works

The project includes the design, fabricate, supply, install, construct, and commissioning of the KAUST Harbour.

The main items of work comprise:
Dredging of the Channel within the existing harbour to navigational depth of -7.5 SAVD with minimum width of 55m
Dredging the maneuvering area to -6.5m SAVD with nominal diameter of 170m
Existing intake pipelines protection with special means such as silt curtain.
New open piled quay wall
Navigational Aids
South side floating jetties
Modifications to the existing dock
Marine testing equipment such as Vertical Calibration/Ballast & Hydraulic Compression Vessel.
Harbour Shoreline cleaning

Major Quantities:
Dredging channel & harbour: 224,800 m3
Dredging maneuvering area: 250,350 m3

  • Construction From: 11/2011
    Construction To: 11/2013
    Consulting Enginner: Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) Project Manager, KAUST & Thuwal Projects Dept. SAPMT Site Office
    Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 25,265
    Archirodon Portion: 100%
    Owner: Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)