Saudi Arabia — Jeddah: King Faisal Naval Base Additional Berths

The project includes Marine, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works for Phase 1 of the King Faisal Naval Base.

The main items of work comprise:
Construction of Piers and Wharves to serve the base with a total length of approx. 3.6km with all associated marine furniture.
Dredging works for widening and deepening the approach channel, turning basin and berths.
MEI systems for potable water, fire fighting, sanitary, compressed air, diesel, lighting, telecommunications, and LV including all associated buildings, sheds and pumping stations.

Major Quantities:
Dredging & Reclamation works: 3mill m3
Rockworks: 0.4mill m3
Concrete works: 0.16mill m3
Various piping: 23km

  • Construction From: 07/2010
    Construction To: 03/2015
    Consulting Enginner: Arabian Consulting Engineering Center
    Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 199,034
    Archirodon Portion: 100%
    Owner: Commandership of Royal Naval Forces. Naval Forces Supply and Support Division