Petrochemical Berth 36 — Offshore Works, Jubail

The project included the construction, takeover of design responsibility of new petrochemical berth to receive tankers of up to 50,000 dwt and be capable to accommodate tankers of up to 80,000 dwt.

The main items of work comprised:
The construction of a berth consisting ofa concrete main deck, supported on tubular steel piles, an approach trestle, six breasting dolphins and four mooring dolphins, and dolphins are connected by means of catwalks. Electrical power distribution, instrumentation for all nonproducts related facilities, berth deck lighting, and HVAC are part of this contrast. All the structures such as approach trestle, breasting and mooring dolphins and loading platform are constructed on tubular steal piles.

  • Construction From: 10/2002
    Construction To: 12/2003
    Consulting Enginner: JPE Project Teaml The Netherlands
    Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 12,100
    Archirodon Portion: 100%
    Owner: Sabic Terminal Services Co. (SABTANK)