Egypt — Damietta — Urea and Ammonia Fertiliser Complex: Marine Works

The project included design, procurement, construction installation, hookup and mechanically complete with the Marine Facilities for the Urea & Ammonia Project.

The main items of work comprised:
Steel piled jetty including trestle, roadway, conveyor and pipe rack
A single berth jetty head comprising of loading platform, mooring dolphins, breasting fenders and catwalk.
Ammonia loading arm, Urea ship Loader, Jetty control building and associated utilities
Dredging of turning and maneuvering basin to the required depth.
Onshore Part of the trestle from the shore line to the battery limit at the DPA Fence
Sea outfall from onshore Plant to offshore

Main Quantities:
Steel Tubular Piles (Diameter,Thickness & Length. 914mm 16mm & 39m): 6672 LM
Concrete: 4,400 CUM
excluding piles
Rebar: 545 ton excluding piles
Geotextile: 82,000 sqm
Dredging: 2,740,000 CUM
Rock protection: 63,250 sqm

  • Construction From: 09/2007
    Construction To: 10/2009
    Consulting Enginner: ARCADIS (Conceptual design, specs. And drawin gs)
    Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 57,870
    Archirodon Portion: 94% (Our portion: 54,426)
    Owner: EAGRIUM ( A Joint Venture between Agrium Inc. and the Egyptian Petrochemical Holding Company (ECHEM)